Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Recap

How the heck is it January 31st already?  In some ways, I feel like I haven't gotten anything done (like with wedding planning), but I feel like my fitness goals are coming along relatively well.  I think I've been really good about keeping up with running and yoga after I got back from a trip to San Francisco on January 8th.

My mileage and yoga workouts from January 2013, per my Runners' World online training log.

I'm building up the length of my long runs and my mileage and feeling more optimistic about my running than I did a month or two ago.

Today's run was an interval workout that I used to do several years ago.  I picked up the idea from a Runner's World article, and following these intervals helped me build my speed after I ran my first half marathon.  Here's how they explain the workout:
For 35 minutes, alternate three minutes of running 15 seconds faster than 5-K pace with three minutes jogging slowly. (Warm up and cool down for four minutes.)
I tweaked it a bit and did a 1 mile warm up, 4 miles of the alternating intervals, and 1 mile of cool down.  I'm hoping that what little speed I used to have comes back soon...I sure miss it.

I was also looking around on the Runner's World website earlier and noticed that they posted some information about the newest incarnation of my beloved Brooks Ghosts and some other shoe models.  Here's what they posted:

Underneath the foot, the plastic shank in the arch is gone; that area on the Ghost 6 has been filled in with foam and rubber so the shoe now makes complete contact with the ground from heel to toe.
I'm honestly a little nervous that they've done such a major overhaul to the design.  I'll have to check out the Ghost 6s right when they come out and stockpile pairs of Ghost 5s if I hate the new shoe.  I'm worried that this could be a repeat of what happened with the Mizuno Wave Rider 14s--everyone hated the redesign and either had to scrounge up some 13s or switch shoes until Mizuno came out with the 15s.

Have you met your fitness goals for January?
Do you do interval workouts or speed work?  What's your favorite workout?
Have you ever discovered that you hated the new version of your favorite running shoe?


  1. That speed workout sounds really challenging. Especially since it's 15 sec faster than 5k pace!

    Yikes about the shoe! Reading that would worry me! :(

  2. I am slowly starting to add in interval workouts as I get healthier. Currently they are pretty short and slow, but I cannot wait to make them longer and faster.
    I'd be worried if they overhauled my shoe too. I am so in love with my brand.

  3. Oh wow, I didn't realize Brooks redesigned the Ghost! I'm on a fresh pair of 5's right now but now I'm nervous for the reboot. I have an unhealthy love for the Ghosts!

  4. I love speedwork! I try to throw in some speedy intervals at least once a week. After the marathon in Feb then the half in March, my running group is heading to the track - I am looking fwd to doing some track work this spring! Best of luck with your training!!

  5. The interval workout is great. I do that regularly and love getting the heart pumping and then taking a quick rest then to start up again. I am confident your speed will come back soon. Maybe even now that it's Feb. :)